Did You Know?

did-you-know.jpgLittle Known Facts:

  • Number of children diagnosed with cancer each school day: 46
  • Number of children who will not survive: 1 in 4
  • Number of children currently fighting cancer: 35,000
  • Number of new drugs developed for childhood cancer in the past 25 years: 1 (yikes!)
  • The only age group with declining survival rates: 15-22 year olds
  • Percentage of cancer research money spent on childhood cancers: 3% (ouch!)
  • Age group (other than 70+) with the highest cancer fatality rate: Teenagers
  • Age group with the most advanced cancer at the time of diagnosis: Teenagers
  • Age group with the highest number of life long chemo side effects: 15-22 year olds
  • The most under represented age group in clinical trials: 15-19 year olds